About a girl

About a girl

Hair: [BURLEY] Joe

Shirt: V-Spot // Chillout Knit @ MOM

Pants: ::GB:: Ripped Pants @ MOM

Pose: !Bang - Nerds win @ Geeks n Nerds


Decor Give Thanks CHEZ MOI
Fall Bucket List Frames CHEZ MOI
Give Thanks Frame CHEZ MOI
Grateful Tray CHEZ MOI
Montclair Bookcase CHEZ MOI
Montclair Fireplace CHEZ MOI
Montclair Ottoman CHEZ MOI
Montclair Rug CHEZ MOI
Montclair Sofa w/Blanket CHEZ MOI
Vitage Clock CHEZ MOI
Pumpkin Candles Decor CHEZ MOI

The set comes with comfortable sofas (one with blanket and cushion, and one without), having in total 118 animations and place for 1-2 avatars each.
· 46 individual poses (male and female)
· 8 activities like eating a delicious cheesecake, drinking hot chocolate, reading a good book, among others
· 16 animations to enjoy the sofa alone
· 24 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
· Several “wearable” props: coffee, book, newspaper, wine, guitar, mug etc.
· Texture-change options: 4 color pad to choose from a menu controlled.

The Decorated Bookcase filled with interesting books has 37 animations:
· 17 individual animations
· 10 couple poses (10 x 2)
· Props: books, wine and magazine

The Fireplace with romantic decor and autumn style has 46 animations:
· 10 individual animations
· 18 couple animations (18 x 2)
· Several “wearable” props