I just want to see the stars with you ...

Maybe I should call to say I miss you ...

I'll be your daydream, I'll take you to paradise ... Say you'll never let me go

Baby I'm Yours

Its our paradise and it's our war zone

Loving you is a bloodsport

Nothing is perfect but your imperfections are quaint

And I wait for you ... here in the same place

The heart wants what it wants

I think I saw you in my sleep

Your love is worth it and for that I will wait

Lets get this money babe, we can fall in love later - Collabor88 Blogger Search 2016

Its all about us

Missing those sunrises with you

Every time you speak my knees go weak

If you're ok, I'm ok

And tonight girl it's only you and me ...

I hope you always find a reason to smile

I prefer to stay, even if it hurts ...