But if this was a movie youd be here by now

Tell me would you kill to save a life ?

You are, and always have been, my dream.

I belong to you and you girl ... You belong to me too

Everybody loves the things you do

I'm in trouble ... But I'd love to be in trouble with you

When the phone rings, the entire room goes cold

We're all in the same game; Just different levels.

Oh girl, the truth is always comes out

1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drink

There's a million reason why I should give you up

I'm not made out of steel, Don't forget that I'm human

'Cause in the madness there is a perfection ...

Lose yourself

When you're scared and you're lost .. Be brave I'm coming to hold you now

When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear

Some angels are destined to fall ...

Maybe I've been going too deep for too long

I see the world, I feel it in you ...

Babe please come home

Deep in my bones, I can feel you

Babe I'm coming home