Hi there

Mama says I was a good Boy

Always by my side

Lest just enjoy the moment

Enjoy the silence

I will search for you through a thousand worlds, and ten thousand lifetimes, until I find you

Maybe this time I'll be lucky

The perfect night

Bang bang

After a long day

She's waiting for me

Coffee and friends are the perfect blend

Workout time

All I need is you and a cup of coffee

All the songs sound better when you're next to me

You're all that matters to me

Home is where the waves are

Just taking a walk

I just want to say thank you for being there

You can always count on me

The last kiss of the night

I want to travel the world with you

Loving summer

Old memories

The Unforgiven

We have to get ready for the party

Wait baby, this will only take a second

Just one kiss

Time for lunch

Under the sky

Maybe we should stop for something to eat

Baby, are you ok ?

Kiss me slowly

It's you, it was always you

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water

Stand by me

In the summertime

Walk on the wild side

Summer love

We own the night

Stray Dog Best Blogger Ever Contest.

I love doing life with you

Cause I'm a dreamer and you're dream

Stray Dog Best Blogger Ever Contest.

Rainy Days

Stray Dog Best Blogger Ever Contest

Oh! Baby you come home early