I wont give up on us [a]

... and the reason is you

Now and Forever ... You

How much is real ? So much to question

Take me .. Im yours

Be with me ...

Sometimes its hard to do the right thing

Just be yourself

If you ever want to be in love ...

You got the healing that I want

You wanna come with me ?


Let me be part of your world


Wish you were here

This world is not made for you

I just wanna hold ya

I'll be your fifty-thousand clapping like one

Been spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise

I'll show you

I hear u call my name and it feels like home

Go it alone

Come here ... with me

We made these memories for ourselves

Good for you ...

A pleasure talking to you little elf

Let me live that fantasy

Something's missing

Lets play

Waiting for u ...

an autumn afternoon


Love is torture makes me more sure

I dont wanna be stuck up in this cold world

I'm just a step away

Hiding my demons

Kiss the Rain

Welcome Sad November

We used to have it all

About a girl

Never too late

Love runs out

Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you

Under cover of darkness


Don't let him lead you to the dark

Maybe is time

Maybe tonight I'll call ya